14 February 2013

Opel Corsa D 1.2 A12XER 63 kW 2010

How to remove the rear door panel

Remove the glossy black cover over the door closing handle. There is one "hook" in the front end and one "hook" at the rear end of the cover. Be careful!

Remove the two Torx screws (TX 20)

Behind the chrome door handle there is a small circular plastic blanking plate. Remove it with a small flat headed screwdriver and undo the Torx screw (TX 20).

The window winder handle needs to be removed in order to remove the door panel.
Push the panel behind the handle with a flat headed screwdriver.
Look between the handle and the panel and you will see a small metal clip. You need to pull the clip away from the handle. Remove the handle from the shaft.

The panel is held in place with 6 trim panel clips. Use a trim clip remover tool or something similar (flat, no hard edges) to pry the clips. When the clips has come loose, slide the panel upwards to unhook the panel.

Remove the wire from the door opening handle. There is a plastic clip to undo before you can unhook the wire.

 To remove the load speaker. Remove the 3 x Torx screws (TX 25) and the connector at the back of the speaker.

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