5 March 2013

Reconditioning an office chair

A "tired" office chair in need of some reconditioning.

The seat cushion was in a terrible condition, as you can see from the picture.

I removed the back cushion which was locked with actuator for hight adjustment.
The next step was to remove the plastic moulding from the back cushion. 3 Phillips screws were removed and the moulding could be pushed upwards in order to unhook 2 tabs. The upholstery was stapled to a wooden board with a lots of staples. I removed them with a screwdriver and pliers.

New fabric was stapled to the wooden board using a staple gun.

I did the same to the seat cushion, after removing the swivel chair base, arm-caps and plastic moulding.

Swivel chair base, 4 Phillips (PH 3) screws.
Arm-caps, 2 Phillips (PH 3) screws on each of them.
Plastic moulding, 3 Phillips (PH 1) screws.

 Result: a new chair after a little DIY.


  1. This is indeed a great transformation for an office chair to look new. I guess, being creative especially in renovating a furniture is a big factor to come-up with the majestic new product. Good job for this. Thumbs up.

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