29 January 2014

Bosch PSM 80A multi sander, 230VAC

My Bosch PSM 80A multi sander just stopped working.

4 x screws keep it together (see yellow circles). I used a normal flat headed screwdriver.

It was very dusty inside as you can see from the next 2 photos.


First of all I was cleaning the tool with compressed air.
Then I used a multimeter in order to check for continuity between the two cables connected to the power switch (yellow circles), with the switch set to "ON". There was no continuity so I pried the switch open using a small flat headed screwdriver. The contact points (red circles)were really dirty.

 I cleaned the contact points (yellow circles) using a fiberglass brush (red arrow) and put the tool together again in reverse order.

 Another electrical tool was saved from the junk-yard.


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