22 October 2014

Grohe bathtub mixer PA 1X 3164

Impossible to use the shower since the diverter does not stay in place.

The water flow through the shower head and the tap at the same time, when I pull the diverter. When I release the diverter, it drops down an the water continue to flow only through the tap.

The bathtub mixer is a Grohe PA 1X 3164. You will find the model/type at the rear of the mixer (red ring)

Grohe PA 1X 3164 front.

To remove the diverter I used a small screwdriver to remove the lid from the diverter.Remove the shower hose as well.

After removing the lid you will see a 6,5 mm nut.

Undo the 6,5 mm nut and remove the parts below in the order from right to left.

Use a 17 mm spanner/wrench to remove the diverter from the mixer.

In this case: The problem was that the O-ring (red square) had been pushed into the diverter. The O-ring was ok, so I just put it back in place again. This diverter can be disassembled into several pieces. By pulling in the direction of the arrow, you will be able to remove/replace the coil springs. 

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  1. Excellent write up. Do you know the source of o-ring?