10 September 2014

Samsung LE40S86 BDX/XEE LCD TV

Power ON the Samsung LE40S86 BDX/XEE LCD TV was not possible.

Remove the 16 Philips screws from the back panel.
Photo with the back panel removed.

A photo of the power board. Remove the 7 Philips screws to get to the soldering side of the PCB.

There was a problem with 3 of the capacitors on the power board. The capacitors location is marked with a red ring in the first photo. The old and not working capacitors had the values 1000 uF, 10V and 105C. I replaced them with 1000 uF, 25V and 105C

I put the TV together in reverse order and switched the power on. Hey presto, a working TV :)

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