25 February 2015

Casalini M10 front wheel bearings replacment.

Replacing worn front wheel bearings on a Casalini M10 microcar. http://www.casalini.eu/it/

1. Remove the 4 wheel nuts.
2. Remove the nut for the drive shaft (Red nut in picture below, 24 mm.)
3. Remove the nut holding the shock absorber in place. (Orange ring in picture below, 17 mm.)
4. Remove the 2 bolts holding the brake calliper in place. (Blue bolt in picture below, 17 mm.)
5. Remove the 2 bolts and nuts holding the steering bracket. (Green bolts in picture below, 17 mm.)
6. Remove the nut holding the lower ball joint and brake the ball joint away, together with the lower control arm. (10 in picture below, 17 mm.)
7. Push the wheel hub downwards to remove it from the shock absorbers and the pull it outwards, away from the drive shaft.
8. Remove the locking ring from the wheel hub. (12 in picture below)
9.Remove the wheel bearings from the wheel hub using a  wheel bearing removal tool or a hydraulic press.
10. Put in place in reverse order.

Wheel bearings for the front wheel hub. 30 mm./ 60 mm./ 37 mm.

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