1 April 2015

Mercedes W107, 350 SL, 1972

Mercedes W107, 350 SL, 1972, not starting.

It turned out to be a very simple problem. A lots of "rubbish" in the fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel line. After flushing the fuel pump and fuel line with some new petrol and changing the fuel filter, it was ok. In the process I found some information that might be useful for someone else.

Fuel pump and filter are located at the rear right hand side, close to the fuel tank.

Fusebox: Right hand side, behind the foot panel, beside the door.

1. Automatic antenna
Parking, boot (trunk) light, glove box light , entrance lights, hazard warning lights
Passing light
5. Wind shield wiper, w
ind shield washer pump, Horn, cigar lighter
6. Empty
7. Blower motor

8. Kombi-instrument, turn signal, backup light
9. Electrically operated fan, air conditioning
10. Stop lamp, starter relay
11. Rear window heater
12. Automatic t
13. Parking light right, tail light right, license plate light, dash board lightning
14. Main relay, fuel pump relay
15. Fog light
Parking light left, tail light left 
17. Head light high beam right, head light high beam indicator
18. Head light high beam left
19. Low beam right
20. Low beam left

Relays: (Above fusebox)

1. Fuel pump
Starting valve
Electronic system
Starter terminal 50
Air conditioning
6. Supplementary fan

Mercedes part number: 0015420219

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