12 April 2015

TomTom GO 730 touch screen not responding.

The touch screen was not responding.This repair guide is valid for other TomTom GPS as well. Ex. GO 530, GO 720, etc.

No response when touching the screen. Can't get passed the start screen.

Remove the 2 small torx screws at the rear of the unit. (green circles) 

Pry the unit open. I used a "sharp" plastic piece (light blue) which does not scratch the unit.

The unit opens like the picture below.

Open the lock (green arrows) keeping the flat cable in place and pull the cable in the direction of the blue arrow. Be careful!

Remove the display assembly from the rest of the unit and pry the black frame away from the assembly.

Remove the rubber seal from the LCD.

Remove the LCD/display from the rear frame and replace it. The LCD for this unit is the same as GO 530, GO 720 and GO 730.

Put the unit together again in reverse order.


  1. Thank you for easy instructions. Was able replace the screen with no issue.
    Step 3 watch out for clamps one on top to the left and two on both sides at the bottom.
    Step 6 also three clamps on the top of the frame.


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