15 December 2016

Siemens TK50 Nespresso

The machine and the pump seems to work normally, except that there is no water coming through the nozzle for hot water or steam.

I suspected that there was a blockage somewhere so I started with disassembling the machine. Remove the water tank and drip tray. 9 x screws without a slot for any tool. I used a pliers for these 2 screws (green ring).

I used a Dremel with a cutting disk to make a slot in these 7 screws. Afterwards I could remove them with a flat-headed screwdriver. When I was was done with the repair I replaced the screws with Phillips screws. After the screws are removed, lift the warming-plates for cups carefully away from the machine. Careful! There is a electric connector behind each cover.

Screw with a slot (green arrow), and a screw as it was originally. The clip in the picture below is used to keep the water-pipes in place.

Remove the catch. One Tx 15 screw on each side of the catch (green ring).

To remove the upper section cover. Undo the 2 x Torx (Tx 15) screws (green ring) and lift the front part of the cover. There are to hooks at the rear of the cover keeping the cover in place.

To remove the nozzle. 8 x Torx screws. 4 on each side. Red rings are Tx 15 and green rings are Tx 10. After all eight screws are undone, remove the clip holding the water-pipe in place. Pull the nozzle forwards.

The nozzle is removed in the picture below.

To check if the pipes were open/blocked I removed the clip from all 4 connections (green and red rings) and tried to blow through the pipes. The green rings were open and easy to blow through. With the nozzle in place it was impossible to blow through the pipe marked with the red circle. With the nozzle removed it was easy. To check if the nozzle was the problem, I used an air compressor to blow through it in the same direction as the water should flow. It was ok.

Then I continued by removing the water pipe from the pump (red circle). I started the machine and selected a small cup. The machine started to pump water (red circle). Then I removed the pipe from the connection in the green circle and I started the machine again. No water was coming from this end. I had found the problem. Ones again I removed the pipe from the pump (red circle). I used a air compressor to blow into the pipe. After a couple of short burst of air into the pipe it started to come water and air out of the connection point within the green ring. I connected the pipes again and started the machine and water was ones again coming out of the nozzle.  

I assembled the machine and started the "Descaling program" with 500 ml descaling agent in the water tank. Afterwards I was running some clean water through the machine, before I made myself an espresso. Another unit saved from the scrapheap!

Here are the parts laid out after I had cleaned them.


  1. very good! I was having trouble getting the headless screws

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  4. Would you care to repair mine. The same issue but I don’t have the skills or tools to attempt what you have done. I don’t want to throw away a good machine though?