11 October 2016

VW Golf 3, smoke coming from the steering column.

A small amount of smoke was coming out between the steering wheel and the instrument cluster. It smelled like plastic melting.

I suspected it was the ignition switch, which later turned out to be the case.

I disconnected the battery and removed the 2 Philips screws keeping the 2 plastic covers around the steering column.

Using a 13 mm. wrench and socket, I removed the bolt holding the steering column to the U-joint. (Green circles)

The bolt look like this:

On the left hand side there is a golden bolt which is keeping the steering column to the dashboard. (Green circle). I cut a trace in it to make it easier to remove.

Disconnect all the electric connectors. There are 3 connectors on each side plus the brown plastic ring around the ignition lock.

You can now pull the steering column and steering wheel out: Everything will be in one piece.

There is a Philips screw holding the ignition switch in place. (Green circle)

The new switch is to the right. Part number: 6N0905865

I opened the old switch and sure enough, the contacts where burned. (Green circles)

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