1 May 2013

Jotun wood paint and wood cleaner, really shitty products!

Painting a wooden house.

6 years ago I decided to paint my entire house. After some serious considerations I chose Jotuns wooden paint. The paint itself was bloody expensive (160 €/10 litre. In total I needed 90 litres. I bought as well 3 litres of Jotun wood cleaner in order to prepare the walls before painting. The wood cleaner costed approx. 10 €/ litre. I was really going to do this by the book :)

The walls were whitish before I started cleaning, using Jotun wood cleaner and it was still whitish after I had finished. Absolutely no difference whatsoever. I went into the kitchen and picked up a bottle of Fairy dish soap, mixed it with water and sprayed it on the wall. The dirt was "flowing" down the wall. The rest of the house was cleaned with Fairy dish soap. The result was superb and the cost was next to nothing. So much for Jotuns wood cleaner.

After the cleaning process was done I continued with painting the walls. The painting job itself was no problem. The problem was discovered 3 years later. 2 of the walls (red) are in an eastern direction. (Rain, snow and wind tend to come from that direction.) The paint on these two walls had started to peel of. The 6 other walls seem to be ok.

I removed the loose paint and repainted the walls with Alpina wood paint. Today, 3 years later the walls still looks like they were just painted. Fingers crossed.

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