1 May 2013

Reconditioning of a coffee-table

A coffee-table in need of some reconditioning.

My girlfriend spilled nail-polish remover with acetone (CH3)2CO on an clear coated oak table. It does not work very well. Just a word of advice :)

The tabletop was not in a good condition anyway so I decided to have a go on reconditioning it. First of all I cutted out a part of the tabletop using my Bosch PMF 180 e multi tool.

I sanded down the top using 180 and 400 grit sandpaper and my Bosch PSM 80A Sander.

I used a 22 mm thick mdf board as a new top.
I painted the rest of it with Bloom wood paint (dark oak), 3 layers, in order to get the right colour.

 The table top was then covered with black glass mosaic, black grout and 2 layers of clear paint (over the wooden part).

Pretty happy with the final result :)

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