6 June 2013

Central locking on a Subaru Impreza GF 1997.

Central locking on a Subaru Impreza GF 1997 was not working.

To remove the door panel.
Remove the plastic around the door handle. It is kept in place by a door panel clip. Pry the clip with ex. a flat headed screwdriver. (Red circle)

Pry the control panel for the electric windows in the front. (Red circle)

There is one door panel clip (green circle). See picture below.
There is a piece of plastic covering one Phillips screw (left red circle) See picture below.
Remove the 2 x Phillips screws. (Red circles)

Door panel clip (green circle above).

Piece of plastic covering one Philips screw (left red circle) See picture above.

The door panel is kept in place with several door panel clips around the bottom part of the door panel. Pry the door panel clips with a plastic pry bar.

Lift the door panel upwards to get it of the "hooks". (Green circles)

The reason for a faulty central locking was found in the connection to the actuator. One of the cables had broken. I took the contact apart and soldered the cable to the pin. Surprise! It was working again.

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