1 April 2014

Fini, Amico 25/2000 air compressor

Servicing my air compressor.

The compressor was letting the air out after the pressure switch, switched off.

First off all an overview of how an air compressor suppose to work.

I changed the piston rings:

Undo the pipe from the air outlet.
There are 4 x 8mm. bolts, 2 on each side, to remove the motor and the plastic cover away from the air-tank. The power-cable must be disconnected from the pressure switch.

Remove the oil from the motor. Use the oil plug or just remove the dipstick, turn the motor upside down, and poor it out.

4 bolts keep the cylinder-head in place. (2 x 10 mm. and 2 x 13 mm.)
4 small bolts/screws keep the black oil dipstick/cover in place.

After removing those bolts it will look like this. Be careful with the seal. Just pull the cylinder upwards, away from the piston. 

The connectingrod can be pulled away from the crankshaft.
Partnumber for  connectingrod: 016091021
I changed the pistonrings.

Here you can see the different parts.

 After I've assembled motor again I was swapping the old pressure switch for a new one.

Ne-Ma Pressure switch specifications

- 4 outlets, 1/2 inch inner screw
- Maximum Voltage: 300V
- Current: 20A
- Maximum Pressure: 12 Bar (175 PSI)
- Casing Dimension(L x W x H): Approx. 82 x 82 x 52mm (3.2 x 3.2 x 2 inches)

The pressure switch was set to min. 6 Bar and max. 8,5 Bar.
In case you want to change the setting, it is done by turning the bolt at the top of the switch. (Red ring)

I started the compressor. It was running until it reached 8,5 Bar and then it switched of the motor, as it should. But, the air was escaping from pressure control switch. (Small tube connected to the pressure switch).

The problem in my case was a sticky non return valve.
I opened it and cleaned it with alcohol. Lubricated it with silicon spray.
The air compressor was working as new again :)


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    Pranav Engineering

  2. THANKS FOR HELP. Greetings from PERU!

    1. where to find pistonrings for this model
      part no. or store to find, thank you

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  4. Parte Numbers Piston rings? Thanks

  5. Hello i Eitan and i from israel.
    I have 2 air comoerssor of dari, they work good many years but now they not good.
    I want to buy piston rings cylinder and valve for him.
    You can to send me to israel?
    If not you can to give me number of this parts?