3 February 2016

Hattrick R1 Run threadmill

The treadmill belt stopped completely  after stopping and starting for a few times. 

It was the time for getting out my trusted multimeter and some tools.

The display and control panel was still working as normal.

I removed the plastic panel (kept in place by 8 Philips screws) covering the motor and control circuit board.

The first I set out to do was to test if the motor was still working. I disconnected the black (-) and red (+) wire from the circuit board.

I connected my multimeter directly to the motor.

With the multimeter set to Ohm it should read 0 Ohm or close to 0. It did in my case so I went on to the next test.

With the multimeter set to VDC, I rotated the motor quickly by hand. If the motor is working it should give some voltage reading from the display of the multimeter. It did in my case so I went on to the next test.

I connected the motor directly to a car battery. The motor was turning. My conclusion was then, that the motor was working as it should and the controller circuit board had to be the problem.

I removed the controller from the treadmill by undoing 4 Philips screws (red circles) ,removing the 2 wires for the motor (light blue circles) and 2 power wires (green circles).

At the rear of the controller circuit board I found a broken leg on one of the components (red circle). Because of the weight of the component and the fact that it was not fixed to the circuit board I am sure that vibrations from running on the treadmill had caused the fault.

Before soldering it back on I glued it to the circuit board using a glue gun (melted glue). Hopefully that component will not make any more trouble in the future.

Some more info:
Motor type:

Belt type: 483J (483 mm)

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