15 December 2012

Citcop/Panasonic RC-1229PVXU / RA-1229PVXU air conditioner

Exchange of noisy fan motor in the indoor unit.
Remove screws (red circles) and 4 cables which are attached to a small PCB (blue circles). This is a small and straight forward job. Only a PZ1 screwdriver is required.

 Picture of RC-1229PVXU after I've removed the fan motor.

Picture of the fan motor.

After I changed to the new fan motor, I took the old one apart and changed the ball bearings.

Two ball bearings (yellow circles) were bad, which made the motor noisy. The ball bearings are type 608Z (axle 8mm./ diameter 22 mm. / 7 mm. wide)

Ball bearing type 608 Z. 608 ZZ can be used as well.



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