14 December 2012

Vw T4 Multivan 2.5 AAF 81 kW 1994

Convert the VW T4 Multivan -94 with AAF motor and CRN automatic gearbox to AAF motor with CPV manual gearbox.

Parts to change:
Clutch pressure plate, friction plate and release bearing
Clutch wire
Clutch pedal and a smaller brake pedal
Gear stick with all the rods
Drive shaft. (different length on one side)
Starter motor
Motor bracket (at the rear left of the engine)
Gearbox bracket (at the rear right of gearbox)
Starter relay (need to be rewired)
New ECU software(the VW was idling too high (1700 RPM) after the the rebuilding)

Reprogrammed ECU EEProm.

The ECU in my VW T4 Multivan -94 automatic, was 023 906 022 J.
I used my Willem soft Eeprom programmer and software to write the software from a 023 906 022 B, ECU, to an empty 27C256 Eeprom.

Willem soft interface:

Willem soft Eeprom programmer:

If you open the BIN file in a hex-editor you will be able to read the version of the file from the address 0x2050 (yellow). The BIN file size is 32 kB.

27C256 Eeprom:

Rebuild the VW T4 Multivan to run on Etanol. I bought a DIY kit from Flexitune.se and soldered it together. The job was straight forward following the manual. All you need is a soldering iron and a multimeter.

12V: +12 Volt
GND: Ground
INJ: Fuel Injector
SEL: Selection of fuel type
BTN: PushButton


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