14 December 2012

Stiga 8 hp Briggs & Stratton snowblower

Snowblower was running without engine oil. Piston head got stucked and it was not possible to pull the starter any more. Completely jammed.

I removed:

  • Petrol tank (4 bolts)
  • Fuel line
  • Oil stick
  • Choke switch
  • Primer with cover
  • Exhaust protection and exhaust pipe
  • Accelerator switch and springs
  • Spark cap and spark plug
  • Cylinder top (4 bolts)
  • Belts for drive and blower from the drive shaft

I sprayed the WD-40 into the cylinder above the piston head and waited for a few minutes.
Then I took a big spanner and put it on the big nut on the drive shaft. I turned it slowly forth and back a few times since the piston head seemed to move again. Then I turned it all the way around a few times. I filled the engine with motor oil and pulled the starter 15-20 times. Then I used the electric starter a few times. Everything seemed to work like it should. The cylinder walls was ok as well. I putted it together, primed it and fired it up. I worked like it should.

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