14 December 2012

Opel Corsa C 1.2 Z12XE 55 kW 2003

Changed water pump.

Changed brake pads.

Outside temperature just showing  -,--

I changed the sensor which is located in the front bumper (Yellow circle).

Here is a picture of the sensor:

GM number: 09152245

Opel Corsa C 1.2 starting problem. 

While driving the car: the dashboard randomly lose all power. The speedometer, rev counter, fuel gauges all return to stop. The mileage display goes blank and all indication lights go off. After a few seconds the power will return to the dashboard and all gauges, displays and anticipated lights return to normal. If you switch of the engine while this is the case, the car will not start again.

If you try to cold start the car and there is no power to the instruments or the instruments are flickering: The starter will turn the engine, but the engine will not fire up.

A bad connection in the instrument wiring harness plug.

Remove plastic panels
Remove instrument cluster
Remove wiring harness plug from instrument cluster
Secure wiring harness plug with silicon or adhesive mounting strip and 2x cable tie
Apply light coating of special grease to wiring harness plug and every pin on the instrument cluster
Reconnect wiring harness plug and refit instruments and plastic panels

How to remove plastic panels in order to get to the instrument cluster:
Remove the lower panel; two screws are located close to the pedals.
Unhook the tabs that hold the small pocket in place and remove it.
Remove the two screws that are revealed.
Remove the steering column covers. There is one screw pointing upwards in the lower centre.
Turn the steering wheel and unhook the two plastic tabs at 3 and 9 o'clock.
Pull the top cover upwards.
Remove the two screws pointing downwards close to the indicator/wiper switches in order to remove the bottom cover.
Unhook the two switches and leave them hanging from the wires.
Remove the upwards screw in the centre and the instrument surround will come away.
Two screws will be revealed. These screws hold the instrument cluster in.
Pull the instrument cluster out in order to get to the instrument wiring harness plug.


  1. Nice job! I heard of this fault but never encountered it. Thank you for sharing precious information that helps others. Best Regards!

  2. Thank you very much for your advice. Have a corsa with the same fault that the workshop did not find the fault, I thought I had to throw the car. But then I came across your blog and did as you described, since then the car has worked fine. Norway