14 December 2012

Opel Astra H 1.6 Z16XEP 77 kW 2005

Replace Brake Pads and Brake Backing Plate on rear axle.

Note:   All the brake pads on one axle must be replaced as a matter of principle.


Release parking brake cable
Release parking brake lever
Detach cover of diagnostic connection
Detach parking brake bellows
Release parking brake cable by unscrewing adjusting nut

Remove rear wheels

Detach parking brake cable from brake calliper
Press brake calliper actuating lever downwards using screwdriver and detach parking brake cable.

Note:   Ensure that dust sleeve between actuating lever and brake calliper is not damaged.
Remove retention clip and pull parking brake cable out of bracket

Remove brake pads from brake calliper
Detach bolt from brake calliper
-counter hold using open-ended wrench
Fold brake calliper upwards

Unscrew brake piston

Note:   Brake fluid level increases in brake fluid reservoir. Remove brake fluid with siphon bottle if necessary.
Unscrew the brake piston as far as the stop - then pull it out of the brake calliper until the next cutout in the brake piston is flush with the opening on the brake calliper.

Remove the brake calliper from the brake support

Note:   The brake calliper must be completely removed from the brake carrier before mounting the brake pads.

Detach upper bolt from brake calliper
-counter hold using open-ended wrench
Detach the brake calliper from the brake carrier.
Suspend it from the rear spring with a suitable wire.

Take out brake pads and guide plates

Clean guides for brake pads in the top and bottom of the brake carrier and contact surfaces with brake pads on the brake piston and the opposing surfaces.

Note:   Make sure that residues of adhesive on the brake pad surfaces are removed and the surfaces cleaned afterwards.


A special tool is required to screw the brake piston (clockwise) into the brake calliper.

Important:   Replace brake calliper and/or brake carrier if the brake calliper is leaking, protective cap on piston is damaged or sealing sleeve on the brake carrier is damaged

Insert new metal guide sheets in brake carrier
Apply grease to brake carrier below the metal guide sheets
Insert metal guide sheets

Important:   The protective film on the back of the brake pads must be removed after inserting the brake pads. Brake pad with mechanical wear indicator (if present) must be on the inside.

Insert new brake pads in brake carrier

Attach brake calliper to brake carrier
Place brake calliper on brake carrier.

Note:   Make sure that the sheet metal guides are not bent and the adhesive surfaces of the brake linings only contact the brake calliper after they have been correctly positioned.

Slide the brake calliper from back to front, on brake carrier.

Attach brake calliper bolts to brake carrier

Clean thread and insert new bolts with locking compound
-counter hold using open-ended wrench
Tightening torque 25 Nm

Attach parking brake cable to brake calliper
Attach parking brake cable to bracket with retaining clip
Press actuating lever downwards using screwdriver and attach parking brake cable.

Fit rear wheels 110 Nm

Actuate brake pedal repeatedly

Start engine

Keep brake pedal depressed for approximately 30 seconds using medium pressure

Top up brake fluid to "MAX" mark

Parking Brake, Adjust

I changed the Brake Backing Plate as well. In order to do that I had to remove the Wheel Bearing Unit. It is kept in place by 4 nuts which you will see from behind.

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